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How the Client will Sign a Transaction Sent Using zipForm® Digital Ink

How to Sign a Transaction Sent Using zipLogix Digital Ink®

Step 1:

Open the email and click on the link inside.

Step 2:

Click on the Start button.


Step 3:

Click accept if you agree to the terms, and decline if you do not. Then click on the Next button. Declining will result in exiting.


Step 4:

Set up a signing PIN. The signing PIN is used for security, so that no one else can access the documents without knowing the PIN.

Select the signature type that you wish to use, and then click on the On to View/Sign button.


Step 5:

Highlight the documents that you wish to sign and click on the Next button.


Step 6:

Click on each signature field to sign. Once all signature fields are signed, click on the Save all signatures button.

Tip: Hit the Tab button on your keyboard to go to the next signature field, and hit Shift+Tab on the keyboard to go to the previous signature field.


Step 7:

Click on the Yes button to agree to the signatures.


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