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How to Place Signatures on the Forms

How to Add Signatures to Forms Using TouchSign

You will first need to create the transaction, which contains the form(s) that you want signed. If you need to know how to do this, please refer to KBA-01569.

Starting the Signature Process

With the transaction opened that contains the forms that you wish to sign, click on the Signatures button, then click Sign with Touchsign.


Adding Forms to be Signed

Step 1:

Click each form that you want to sign. You will notice that each form that you click will switch from No to Yes with a green check mark in the Sign? column.


Step 2:

Click the Next button to continue when finished selecting the forms to be signed.


Adding Outside Documents to be Signed

Step 1:

You will need to have the outside documents in PDF format, and the PDF documents must be attached to the transaction already by using the zipVault® feature. At this time, you will need to use zipForm® 6 Professional from your computer, not the mobile device to attach outside documents to a transaction. For information on how to do this please refer to KBA-01581.

Once the outside document(s) are in zipVault®, you may click the PDF Files tab.


Step 2:

A list of all outside documents attached to this transaction will appear. Click each document that you want to sign. You will notice that each document that you click will switch from No to Yes with a green check mark in the Sign? column.


Step 3:

Click the Next button to continue when finished selecting PDF documents to be signed.


Adding Signers

Step 1:

Fill in the signer's information, and then click on the Add button.


Step 2:

You may also pull signers from the address book if they were previously saved there, by clicking the Address Book button.


Step 3:

If you check the Save to Address Book check box, the signer's information will automatically be saved to the address book.


Step 4:

Once the signer is added, if you wish to add another, click the Plus button or the Address Book button to pull a signer from the address book.


Step 5:

When you are finished adding all of the signers, click the TouchSign button to continue.


Step 6:

You will be prompted to agree to the license agreement. Click I Agree to continue or I Do Not Agree to quit without signing.


Singing the Forms/Documents

Step 1:

Click the Pen icon to start the signature process.


Step 2:

Notice at the top of the screen it states who is currently signing.


Step 3:

You may change who is signing by clicking the Change Signer button at the right upper corner of the screen.


Step 4:

You may choose whether you want to place a Signature, Initials, Date, Text, or Checkbox by selecting the appropriate tab.


Step 5:

In this example we will just be placing a signature. With the Signature tab selected, simply sign your name on the line with your finger or a stylus. You may also click the generate button to have zipForm Mobile Web Edition randomly generate a signature for you.


Step 6:

When finished, click the Select button.


Step 7:

The select button will turn into a Place button. Drag and drop the signature where you want it on the form by dragging where it says Tap Here and Drag to Position.


Step 8:

You may also resize the signature by using the Resize button.


Step 9:

When you have the signature where you want it on the form, click the Place button.


Step 10:

Click the red X to close out of signature mode for that signer.


Step 11:

Click the Done button to finish.


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