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1. Which devices are compatible with zipForm® Mobile?
2. How do I access zipForm® Mobile?
3. zipForm® Mobile is asking me for a username/password to get in. What is my username/password?
4. What is the zipForm® Mobile Companion app?
5. How much does the zipForm® Mobile Companion cost?
6. Where do I download the zipForm® Mobile Companion app?
7. Is there a zipForm® Mobile Companion app for Android devices?
8. Is there a way to put an icon on my Home screen if I can't use zipForm® Mobile Companion (Android users)?
9. Can I use DocuSign or zipLogix Digital Ink® on zipForm® Mobile?
10. Can I print my forms in zipForm® Mobile?
11. When I edit a form on my smart phone, why do I only see the form fields?

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