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1. What are the System Requirements for zipForm® Plus?
2. Do I have to download or install anything to use zipForm Plus?
3. Where do I sign into zipForm® Plus?
4. How can I find out if my Association's forms are available on zipForm® Plus?
5. How do I renew my zipForm® Plus software and what is the fee?
6. How do I update my zipForm® Plus software?
7. Can I add my own documents to zipForm® Plus?
8. How long are my zipForm® Plus transactions stored?
9. Can I create my own Templates and Clauses in zipForm® Plus?
10. What happens when forms are updated?
11. How will I be trained on the zipForm® Plus software?
12. What training materials are available to me for zipForm® Plus?
13. What type of zipLogix Technical Support is available?

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