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General Help:
1. Windows 10 Printing Guide
2. How to Reset Your Password
3. How to Create a New Transaction
4. How to Create a New Template
5. How to Change your Company Information
6. How to Email Forms and Documents
7. How to Email a Single Form or Document
8. How to Add a Profile Photo
9. Switching to List/Tile View
10. Changing the Name of a Transaction
11. Deleting Transactions
12. Accessing Additional Form Libraries within a Transaction or Template
13. Changing the Status of a Transaction
14. Searching for Transactions Based on Status
15. Recovering Deleted Transactions
16. Creating Clauses
17. Using Clauses
18. Making a Copy of a Transaction
19. Highlighting Text on a Form
20. PDF Files Saved or Emailed from zipForm® Plus are Asking for a Password
21. Overriding a Date or Numeric Field
22. Printing a Transaction
23. Printing a Blank Form
24. Printing a Sample Form
25. Removing Forms from a Transaction
26. Deleting Templates
27. Adding Notes to Forms in zipForm® Plus
28. Managing Look Up Fields

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