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zipForm Plus
Open forms
Adding contacts (Parties) to the transaction
Adding forms to a file
Adding and removing forms
Applying a Template
Overriding automatically formatted form fields
Changing Transaction Status
Creating a new transaction
Creating a New Transaction using a Template
Downloading and saving forms as PDFs
Edit Transaction Details
Emailing a single form
Emailing multiple forms and documents
Exporting (downloading) a zipForm® Plus File
Importing (uploading) a zipForm® Plus File
Printing multiple forms
Printing a single form
Using the transaction information tool
Add or change a photo for the zipForm® Plus file
Organize forms within the file
Opening a saved transaction file
The My Forms Tab
Deleting forms or documents
Select a forms library
Sort forms by number or category
Preview a form
Fax forms and documents to a fax machine
Searching for forms and documents inside a file
Rename a transaction file
Rename a document or folder

zipForm Plus - Forms
Changing Text Case
Using the Cover Sheet form
Using Fast Fill
Filling out a Form
View Full Screen
Highlight text on forms
Inserting saved Clauses into form fields
Using Lookup Fields
Using the Mortgage Calculator
Spell Check Transaction Forms
Add or edit sticky notes on forms
Using the Strike Out tool
Filling in blank text fields with "N/A" or text of your choosing
Undo text typed into a form

zipForm® Plus Setup
Adding contacts to the zipForm® Plus Address Book
Edit company information that prints on the bottom of forms
Add and edit clauses
Creating a Template (packet of saved forms)
Editing Lookup Fields
Profile and preferences
Change the order of form libraries
Add your picture to the profile
Importing (uploading) contacts
Exporting (downloading) contacts
Importing (uploading) clauses
Exporting (downloading) clauses
Edit a template
Enable autosave for files
Save a file as a Template

zipForm® Plus and zipVault® - File Management and Storage
Deleting Transactions and Templates
Searching and sorting through files
Tile view and list view
Marking a file as closed or inactive
Recovering a deleted file
Copy a file (Save as…)
Lock a file
Add a document to the zipForm® Plus file
Add a folder to the zipForm® Plus file
Saving a form to the file as a PDF
Move forms and documents to folders

Tools – relay®
Connect relay® and zipForm® Plus
Open relay® Transaction Management

How-To Videos
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